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FuelFACT Usertypes

Site CustomerUsually drivers who buy fuel at fueling stations. These users can use the help of attendants or self-service function of the terminal
AttendantThese users assist the customers to buy products and require authentication to use the terminal
Site AdministratorEach site has an administrator for the merchant account. Each administrator is responsible for making changes on the Back office system. Site administrator is also responsible for reporting all FuelFACT issues directly to FuelFACT support team or opening support tickets for site problems.
Retail Office UserEach merchant has users who support the Retail management operations. These users access reports and controls and manages site activities remotely via the Retail Head Office System
FuelFACT EngineerEach site will have a FuelFACT Engineer assigned to it. FuelFACT engineers are responsible for site installations and repair activities
PartnersAffiliates and partners who handle merchant accounts for FuelFACT will have access to FuelFACT RHS system
VendorsVendors are asociated to merchant accounts. For support, Merchants can route and assign support tasks to vendors using FuelFACT support system