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Introduction to FuelFACT Docs


This documentation is intended as a guide for using and working with FuelFACT System and all its basic operations. Information contained herein includes installation, configuration and application of the software and hardware. Specific Information related to special, hardware included in FuelFACT, can be found in the documentation supplied together with such system.

Information regarding setup to specific peripheral equipment and corresponding configuration in FuelFACT System can be obtained upon request to FuelFACT Technology Solutions Inc company.

Given that FuelFACT is constantly evolving, changes are possible in the final version, which may not be described in this page. However, this page serves as the sole repository for all recent and relevant information for using FuelFACT System.

When applicable, all publicly available source codes are version-controlled and can be found at https://gitlab.com/fuelfact

FuelFACT Technology Solutions Incorporated hereby permits reproduction of this documentation as may be required by any of the customers or OEM's wishing to use it.

Intended Audience

Site Forecourt Administrators: To reference information for performing site setup
Retail Head Office Forecourt Administrators: To reference information for performing Company, Merchant and site setup
Partner Forecourt Administrators: To reference information for setting up user items such as AVIS vehicle tags and user accounts.