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User Frequently Asked Questions

FuelFACT supports CASH, POS, MOBILE, QR, USSD, VOUCHER payments

You can pay to an attendant or pay through your mobile phone.

You can serve yourself or have the attendant dispense for you. FuelFACT Payment is secure and is powered by Interswitch. FuelFACT does not collect any sensitive/financial information from user. Interswitch's PCI-DSS Compliant payment gateway notifies FuelFACT of successful payments.

All financial exchange between user and bank are handled by Interswitch Gateway systems

You can pay with CASH, POS, MOBILE (FuelFACT App or Your Banking App), QR,USSD, VOUCHER or with POINTS.

When a payment is made successfully, a FuelFACT Code is sent your phone. Show this code to the attendant or
- Select PAY WITH TOKEN on the Touch Screen Terminal.
- Enter the Code using the touchscreen keypads
- Select OK.

The terminal will retrieve the details of the payment. You can select Start Fueling to dispense.

On your banking app, you can optionally enter a recipient phone number. The FuelFACT Code© will be sent to this recipient

The recipient can use this code to buy fuel or make purchases at FuelFACT sites

After payment with FuelFACT Mobile App, you can select the FuelFACT Code and send to a recipient using recipient's mobile phone

  • When a payment is made through your banking app or FuelFACT Mobile app, it is linked to a phone number. The customer can get receipts from FuelFACT mobile app or at www.fuelfact.com/receipts using the linked phone number
  • When a payment is made using POS, the receipt ID (printed on the paper receipt or POS app) can be used to retrieve the receipt from FuelFACT mobile app or at www.fuelfact.com/receipts
  • For CASH payments, after dispensing, a Receipt ID will be displayed on the FuelFACT terminal. User can scan the QR or use this receipt ID to retrieve the receipt via FuelFACT mobile app or at www.fuelfact.com/receipts